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About us

Etab Apparel is owned and operated by Kat Burgers. After spending 10 years in Los Angeles, Kat returned to her native Phoenix, AZ in March 2014. At this time she took a break in her Management career to return to school and help care for her nephew. 

While Kat has always had a passion for all things artistic, after returning to Phoenix Kat discovered a love of graphic design and is extremely excited to now translate that through her clothing brand. As a strong, confident woman with outspoken opinions, Kat looks forward to sharing these messages with Etab Apparel, etc.

(Fun fact: Etab is an acronym of her nephew's name)

The Etab Apparel, etc. brand is centered on positive messages and social awareness. Besides the message of positivity, there are two elements that set us apart from other brands.

First, we do NOT charge a higher price for plus sizes, as virtually every other clothing brand does. We believe that charging a premium for larger sizes is a form of discrimination and fat-shaming and, as such, we refuse to participate in that business practice. 

Second, we offer a collection of charitable t-shirts in which a portion of the profits from the sale of those shirts are donated to designated charities. 

In addition, we make every effort to source our apparel from companies that share our belief in the importance of providing socially and environmentally responsible products.

If you like to speak your mind and have an impact, then Etab Apparel is perfect for you! We offer quality, unique apparel that definitely makes a statement.